Debuts I attended. Woah, including my own.

In the Philippines, it is a tradition that young women throw a coming of age party when they turn 18. I haven't been to many actually. Hmmm. Three so far? But Yeah.. here goes.
Doshia @ 18 || April 2, 2012

It was one amazing night. The cotillion danced to Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers. The program then went on to the buffet, followed by the traditional 18 roses, 18 candles and 18 treasures. I was one of the candle. It was a very memorable night in Vegas. Drinks were served, cards played and performances applauded. They did a really good job of decorating the place (Pearlmont)

Ate Haney @ 18 || January 29, 2012 

My butler's older sister, Ate Han's debut. It was the first time my mom lent me her car unsupervised. It was a very fun debut held at the Buffalo Grill, it was the first that I'd ever attended. The cotillion danced to Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger. Again with the 18 roses, candles and treasures. I marveled at the fairy debutante and her outstanding display of charisma.

My Coming of Age || March 10, 2012  

Yeah, I realize that it looks like a wedding at first glance... but guess again! I was so blessed! Will do a completely separate post on what we did :)

It's been a while now..

I admit I've been very busy with school, church, birthdays and other stuff that I was unable to update my blogs for quite sometime. I'm not at all happy to have done this. T_T

It's summer right now but not for long because I have the dreaded summer classes. Why, you might ask? Because I'm a Nursing student and they just hate seeing us have fun (HUHU, but totally not true) So despite everybody enjoying their summer, I'm going to spend mine in a classroom, talking about patients and math and more about patients. God bless my soul! But on a much happier note, I did get to visit my aunts and grandma at their place and my sisters and I had fun playing in the playground so all is pretty much well. :D

It's been such a long while.

These past few days, I've been busy with school, my ministry, recreational (ahem. reading) activities and our TLW concert post-valentines that lead to my seemingly prolonged absence. I apologize for the lack of updates and LOVE. After my semifinals, I would probably start spending more time with dear ol' puter!

Also, aside from recreational activity number 1, I've been busying myself with photoshop and eating and sleeping and singing and praising & worshiping the Lord. My photoshop muse, I'm ashamed to say is myself. I might as well post pictures.


Also, I think I'm starting a project to revive my friends and my facebook page. The project consists of developing our wall, renovating it (or whatever's available) and recapturing our memories in the past. As a start, I made this thing the other month. Yeah, profiles. very essential.

I was thinking of surprising them even. Well, i don't think I will keep this confidential (hello? i've already posted it here on my blog!) but I certainly won't be initiating the tale-telling (which will be so new to me, since I always take the first step.)

Oh YEAH. our church's TLW this year frames the concept "love on trial"'s on the 24th. I'm hyped!

Fasting, Exams & Flowers

I'm currently on my second 3-day regular fast. It's been great and this can only get better. I learned so many things about God, prayer and of course, fasting. My sisters and I (along with many other youths of our church) camped in at our church yesterday. It was fun, most of us were students of the School of Discipleship and were rushing to finish our homework for the following day (which is today). It was the perfect opportunity to fellowship with one another--worshiping God, and singing Him praises. We slept at around midnight because our devotional dragged on (oh the wonderful movement of the Holy Spirit) until so. I had an exam early today (which, I can say I wasn't that prepared to take) which resulted in a much more positive note than what I expected. Although I can't know for sure--they haven't even checked our papers yet--but I'm honestly not very anxious about it. Praise God!

And to share my peace, I'm going to post pictures I found in our pc (they're suppose to be for my high school paper) ENJOY!

*these were taken by our photojournalist Patrick Mapa (2008).

SWS #2

Midterms done, fasting ongoing--how nice!

Freedom Fridays #2: Freedoms the Philippines fought for.

Freedom Fridays It's been a week since I posted, I didn't intend to. It was midterm week and I just couldn't help but study (says who?) I'm done almost done with all my tests, except for one happening this Monday. So far, I don't think I failed in any of them... I hope. But one test that I found pretty challenging was my Philippine History test.

The Philippines was once, in a very distant period of time, a colony of Spain. And it just so happened that I'm taking a Philippine History course this semester. On the previous quarter of the semester (LOL), we tackled basic history things and slowly approached the Spanish Colonization area. It's safe to say that my teacher is a Spanish-rule-defender... and our reference too (why, of course). But my point in all of this is that the La Solidaridad fought for our Right to Speech and Assembly and equal civil rights for Filipinos and Spaniards which, at that time, included the right to vote. A right that many of our Filipinos are relinquishing when they decide to take bribes from politicians. Many great heroes of the revolution died but did not live to see suffrage in action, and the people who see it fulfilled couldn't even care less. But who can blame these people? Do they not deserve to eat 3 meals a day too? They are forced to trade their freedoms for meager food. 

I am reminded of Esau and Jacob's story in the bible wherein Esau traded his birthright (as first born) for a miserable bowl of stew that Jacob made. It's a pretty sad story and some might even say that Jacob is an opportunist. And maybe he is, and there is no excuse for that. But it's noted that Esau was short-sighted and had limited spiritual insight (for not understanding the value of his birth). Okay, I've gone way off topic, but again, my point is that--the freedom we once fought for is slowly deteriorating because of debt of gratitude and short-sightedness. If these cheaters are put into leadership, what would that make our country some 25 years later?

Friday Photo Flashback

 lost at bay. My sister and I floating away. LOL
Since the Philippines is a tropical country, and it's pretty hot all the time, we used to go to the beach alot.


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