All things work together for the good of those who love Him

I recently joined a discipleship class (last November) and in one of our discussions, our topic fell on the recent Typhoon Sendong (internationally, Washi). Our pastor told us about a real life conversation between two children, a volunteer from Operation Blessing and a Brazilian. This is the way I envisioned it...

The volunteer sees the two children staring expectantly at the riverbank. He goes to where they are and asks the older one a question.
"Boy, why are you staring at the riverbank?"
The boy replies "We haven't seen our mother in awhile. We're hoping she'll resurface soon."
The volunteer sighed knowingly. He asked the two more questions and found out they're orphans now. A disease had claimed their father in the past and only had their mother left. But because of the typhoon, now she's gone too.
A Brazilian national then came and saw the volunteer with the children and inquired of their state. They had no one now, and both of them had dreams--dreams that because of the tragedy, have to be abandoned.
When he heard it, he was filled with so much sympathy. "Don't worry, I'll send you to school. I'll even sponsor you up until a doctorate!"

I am reminded of the story of Alexander Fleming--the discoverer of Penicillin. He was the son of a poor Scottish farmer who just so happens to have helped a distressed young lad who fell into a bog. To repay Alexander's father, the nobleman father of the young lad offered Alexander a chance at good education. And Alexander was educated. But the story didn't end there, as years later, the son of the nobleman became stricken with pneumonia (and Fleming's penicillin cured him.) Oh, and did I mention that the nobleman's son was Sir Winston Churchill? (one of the best, if not the best, Prime Minister in the 20th century) 

Now I know that for you this seems to be a common story... but it's not. Cruelty is a much popular option. But you see that kindness like this.. still exist in the world. I was so touched with what the Brazilian did that I couldn't keep myself from blogging about it. I'm not a very moving storyteller, but I hope you saw it. Children who were left with no hope had been given a light. Yeah, that's what the world needs. Flashlights. Because so many things is happening around the world right now--you cant expect  all of this to be mere accidents or anything. There's got to be a deeper meaning to all of this. I can't tell you what it all means, I'm sorry, but what I can tell you is that we can do something about it. And it doesn't matter what age group we're in or how much our paycheck is (or if we even have paychecks), what matters is that we're doing something. Something that'll benefit others and bring glory to God!

Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.


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