Freedom Fridays #2: Freedoms the Philippines fought for.

Freedom Fridays It's been a week since I posted, I didn't intend to. It was midterm week and I just couldn't help but study (says who?) I'm done almost done with all my tests, except for one happening this Monday. So far, I don't think I failed in any of them... I hope. But one test that I found pretty challenging was my Philippine History test.

The Philippines was once, in a very distant period of time, a colony of Spain. And it just so happened that I'm taking a Philippine History course this semester. On the previous quarter of the semester (LOL), we tackled basic history things and slowly approached the Spanish Colonization area. It's safe to say that my teacher is a Spanish-rule-defender... and our reference too (why, of course). But my point in all of this is that the La Solidaridad fought for our Right to Speech and Assembly and equal civil rights for Filipinos and Spaniards which, at that time, included the right to vote. A right that many of our Filipinos are relinquishing when they decide to take bribes from politicians. Many great heroes of the revolution died but did not live to see suffrage in action, and the people who see it fulfilled couldn't even care less. But who can blame these people? Do they not deserve to eat 3 meals a day too? They are forced to trade their freedoms for meager food. 

I am reminded of Esau and Jacob's story in the bible wherein Esau traded his birthright (as first born) for a miserable bowl of stew that Jacob made. It's a pretty sad story and some might even say that Jacob is an opportunist. And maybe he is, and there is no excuse for that. But it's noted that Esau was short-sighted and had limited spiritual insight (for not understanding the value of his birth). Okay, I've gone way off topic, but again, my point is that--the freedom we once fought for is slowly deteriorating because of debt of gratitude and short-sightedness. If these cheaters are put into leadership, what would that make our country some 25 years later?


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