Just Too Strong To Kill

I admit it's not such a great day today. Some may even call it bad but you know what? I'm happy and I will rejoice for the Lord gave me this day. He's paid ransom for all my short-comings and I'm comforted by the thought that He's with me through everything--the great things and the less than pleasant. People have tried to discourage me or stop me from serving my God one too many times, but I'm thankful that my Lord has sustained me! People tell me I'm just too nice (can you imagine me being nice? - hardly.) that I should let lose for a little while, enjoy my freedom. And my retort? I have already lost it (sin, i mean) and am enjoying my freedom from it! The world can give me everything--booze, sex, friends but that's not what I need nor what I'm looking for. They can never give me what my soul so desperately requires--salvation. So for all it's worth, you can keep your pleasures and I'll keep my purity. And although I may be on the better end in all of this, I have hope for you. That you too will find the light amidst the darkness.

So heck you can call me "kill joy" all you want but I'm not stopping. This joy in me is just too strong to "kill" and I've decided to give Him my all. I hope you join me. I'm telling you, rejecting the bad-to-start-with is just a small price to pay for what's waiting in store for those who wait upon Him.

Now all I have, I count it all as lost. But to know You; to carry the cross. Knowing I'm found in the light of the aftermath. 
- Aftermath (Hillsong)

-- for someone, somewhere.


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who is that someone nak?

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