Fasting, Exams & Flowers

I'm currently on my second 3-day regular fast. It's been great and this can only get better. I learned so many things about God, prayer and of course, fasting. My sisters and I (along with many other youths of our church) camped in at our church yesterday. It was fun, most of us were students of the School of Discipleship and were rushing to finish our homework for the following day (which is today). It was the perfect opportunity to fellowship with one another--worshiping God, and singing Him praises. We slept at around midnight because our devotional dragged on (oh the wonderful movement of the Holy Spirit) until so. I had an exam early today (which, I can say I wasn't that prepared to take) which resulted in a much more positive note than what I expected. Although I can't know for sure--they haven't even checked our papers yet--but I'm honestly not very anxious about it. Praise God!

And to share my peace, I'm going to post pictures I found in our pc (they're suppose to be for my high school paper) ENJOY!

*these were taken by our photojournalist Patrick Mapa (2008).


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