It's been such a long while.

These past few days, I've been busy with school, my ministry, recreational (ahem. reading) activities and our TLW concert post-valentines that lead to my seemingly prolonged absence. I apologize for the lack of updates and LOVE. After my semifinals, I would probably start spending more time with dear ol' puter!

Also, aside from recreational activity number 1, I've been busying myself with photoshop and eating and sleeping and singing and praising & worshiping the Lord. My photoshop muse, I'm ashamed to say is myself. I might as well post pictures.


Also, I think I'm starting a project to revive my friends and my facebook page. The project consists of developing our wall, renovating it (or whatever's available) and recapturing our memories in the past. As a start, I made this thing the other month. Yeah, profiles. very essential.

I was thinking of surprising them even. Well, i don't think I will keep this confidential (hello? i've already posted it here on my blog!) but I certainly won't be initiating the tale-telling (which will be so new to me, since I always take the first step.)

Oh YEAH. our church's TLW this year frames the concept "love on trial"'s on the 24th. I'm hyped!


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