A New Year, A New Blog

I have recently been thinking of making a blog for my inner thoughts as a growing Christian. So I did! I'm not very good at welcoming so I guess I'm just going to start of by saying hi. My name is Penda. I like to read, write and read some more. I'm from a small city called Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines. I call this blog teenage sheep because that's what I am (not literally of course!). I'm seventeen years old and a disciple of Jesus Christ. I'm on my first year of BS Nursing at Xavier University (AdCU) and live with my mom and my sisters.

Today is a special day for me and the TeenSheep. This blog, even prior to it's birth, has been running around in my mind for quite sometime now (it's been there for awhile that one might actually think I was pregnant with this blog and gave birth to it today. However absurd that may sound). My heart is filled with joy and exhilaration and I just couldn't wait to start posting! Praise God for this blog and may this bring glory to His name!


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