Oh no they didn't!

...so they really didn't!

I did my own snooping around and found out that Josh & Shannon Harris' divorce rumors are not true. By the grace of God, they're still together. I cant believe how bad news seems to be more exciting than good news. It seems so because this rumor spread like wildfire, but the correction? Not as fiery. I really enjoyed Harris' book on marriage and glorifying God and thought I could apply many of the points presented in his works to my own marriage and relationships with people. So i was really shocked and disappointed when I heard of it (the rumor). I hope people start verifying things like these and when we learn to, we should really take it to the bank.

But even if they did split up, I would still most probably read his work. I understand that applying the things you teach in your life is key but the things he wrote were really striking and alot of them were valid. I've come to the conclusion that even when this courting thing doesn't work for everyone, with the right purpose and God's approval, it is definitely worth the try. God has different plans for different people and I'm certain that he let me read books like these for a purpose (whatever those might be).

I got this picture from Josh Harris' blogpost dated 2009.


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